verification_status (Verification Status)

The level of verification performed on a record.


Type string

The level of verification performed on a record.

verification_status will be retired at the end of 2019. Use in_business and verified_on instead.


In order to be categorized as ""verified"", Infogroup verified the place as in or out of business in the past 24 months.


Infogroup's Pre-Verified businesses appear during automated data collection and have not been completely verified

While in ""pre-verified"" status, a record will pass through all the same standardization and enhancement processes as a ""verified"" record. Eventually, the record is moved to "verified" or "suspect".


Businesses identified as potentially out of business, based on Infogroup business rules, are moved to suspect. When there is not enough information to confirm out a true out of business place, we temporarily suspend the verified status of these records.

Reasons a Record is Considered Suspect:

  • Utility Disconnects - Validated through the phone verification process to remove false positives (temporary disconnects, secondary lines, etc).
  • Teleresearch Disconnects - Identified through Infogroup's calls to validate and enhance existing businesses.
  • NCOA Moves - The business appeared in the United States Postal Service's (USPS) National Change of Address (NCOA) file. Before moving into this status, a period of time is spent contacting the business to determine the new location.
  • Aged Records - If all attempts to confirm a place are unsuccessful for over 24 months, we will flag it as suspect.
  • Web Research - Triggered by closed website banners found on social media sites such as Facebook, Yelp or Foursquare, in conjunction with expired domains.
  • National Provider Identifier Registry – Deactivations within the NPI Registry indicate that healthcare practitioners are no longer practicing.

Most users will the suspect records if they do not have additional information that the business is still open. However, if the client has a customer relationship, recent contact, or enhanced content (ratings, reviews, etc), they may choose to maintain the record until it becomes a confirmed out of business record. Best practices for use of suspect records depend upon individual business rules and tolerance of risk.

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