new_business_added_on (New Business Added On)

Indicates the date in which the New Business record was added.


Type date
Display Restrictions No Display

Indicates the date in which the New Business record was added.

new_business_added_on indicates the date the record was added to the database from one of the New Business sources.

Infogroup’s New Business data includes new businesses that have formed within the last two years from across the entire US. These records are collected from Secretaries of State, County Courthouses, Utility Providers, Departments of Revenue, Departments of Taxation, local business and legal journals and other sources that record new business transactions. The information is gathered electronically through Email and CDs as well as manually through the compilation of printed sources and directly by regular visits to local courthouses. Phone numbers are available on approximately 45% of the records; those with phone numbers are also processed through Telephone Verification where we utilize a custom calling script. This calling script includes asking the business if they have been in business for less than 12 months. Businesses are coded internally depending on how they answer and the data can be segmented appropriately.

Our freshest and most frequent feeds are coming to us through a utility data provider who reports to us phone connections and disconnections daily. These records possess an unprecedented speed-to-market rate, which is typically 2 days from the discovery date. Keep in mind that utilities are usually set up prior to hiring, purchasing, and all other transactions needed for their first day of business. Every record coming from our utility source has a phone number.

Our data also consists of state, county, and municipal filings driven by applications for licenses, tax permits, incorporations, DBAs, etc. This information comes to us monthly, weekly, and daily through various channels including electronic sources, printed reports, and in some cases, through regular personal courthouse visits. Other sources include business journals, newspapers, and press releases. These businesses typically reach the New Business Database within 1-3 weeks of data receipt. About 15% have phone numbers.

All sources are brought together and made available as “hot leads” to our customers. The raw data is passed through address standardization, company name standardization, de-duplication, and matched against our file of existing businesses. Those with phone numbers are called to verify their status as a new business as well as confirm firmographic information previously gathered.

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