business_stability_grade (Infoscore: Business Stability Grade)

A letter grade (A+ to F) indicating how stable the Place is.


Type string
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A letter grade (A+ to F) indicating how stable the Place is.

infoscore.business_stability_grade represents a letter grade (A+ to F) indicating how stable the Place is.

Business Stability uses advanced modeling techniques and historical business data to identify the companies that are least likely to go out of business. This is related to and can be used in conjunction with the Infogroup credit model. SIC volatility is one of the key elements derived through rigorous computation and using historical data which measures the volatility/rate of change. In addition to SIC volatility, this factor utilizes elements such as Year First Appeared, Population Density, Location Employment, and Location Sales Volume.

Infoscore includes a numeric value (0-100) and letter grade (A+ to F) that measures the “strength” of every location-level record within the Infogroup Business Database. This score, where 100 is “best” and 0 is “worst”, is derived from several data and business related factors leveraging Infogroup’s assets. Infoscore aids in pinpointing relevant businesses for prioritizing, prospecting, personalization and real-time marketing.

The Infoscore value is comprised of the scores of seven factors, the first six of which are built independently of one another. Each factor is scored separately (from 0 to 100) and represents a record’s strength or weakness related to a particular attribute which makes up the business record, or to the business itself. Higher scores represent a “stronger” record.

Benefits of Infoscore include:

  • The Infoscore factors are pre-built and ready for immediate use
  • Updated monthly within the Business Database
  • No upfront development changes
  • More accurate than intuitive selects
  • Grouped into scores and letter grades for easy selection
  • Simple, easy to understand scoring system
  • Gateway to more advanced analytical solutions
  • Prospecting/prioritizing leads

Infoscore Grades are based on the following:

  • A+ (100-96) - Best
  • A (95-86) - Very Good
  • A- (85-81) - Good
  • B+ (80-71) - Above Average
  • B (70-61) - Slightly Above Average
  • B- (60-51) - Average
  • C+ (50-36) - Slightly Below Average
  • C (35-21) - Below Average
  • C- (20-11) - Very Below Average
  • D (10-6) - Possible Problem
  • F (5-0) - Worst

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