credit_rating_code (Credit Rating)

An estimation of a business's creditworthiness.


Type string

An estimation of a business's creditworthiness.

Assigned through a sophisticated model, credit_rating_code estimates a business's projected ability to be granted credit and to pay off any credit granted. It is developed from firmographic information present in the database including employment size, type of industry, number of years in business, number of business locations, whether the company is a publically held, and any documented bankruptcies or other legal filings. All values are recalculated monthly.

A business may receive a U classification because of bankruptcy or due to its newness in our database. A majority of companies in the "I" classification are government agencies or non-profit organizations.

We recommend using credit_rating_code as a starting point, not the sole factor, in making a credit decision. You should seek more information from bank and trade references, local credit bureaus, or other sources before extending credit. We are not a financial advisor and make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the rating codes, and as such will not be responsible for any losses resulting from the use of this information. Furthermore, our liability, if any, will be limited to the initial cost of the credit rating fee paid by the purchaser.

Database Values

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