Access and leverage the database with the Data Axle platform.
Search api

Search API

Find relevant businesses in real-time. Search with a fuzzy match, limit results by geolocation boundaries, and filter across any attribute.

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Scan api

Scan API

Pull lists of thousands of records on-demand. Filter by brands, regions, industry, and hundreds of other fields. Pay-as-you-go based on number of records requested.

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Insights api

Insights API

Run tallies, discover fill rates, and calculate statistics across the entire business database. Or, focus on a custom firmographic. Every field can be analyzed and aggregated in real-time.

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Match api

Match API

Submit partial information about an entity and receive the best match from Infogroup’s business database. Proprietary algorithms return a the best match with clean business attributes.

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Submission api

Submission API

Share your feedback about the business database with comments, suggested changes, and new records. Infogroup’s human intelligence team reviews submissions, and outcomes are returned in real-time.

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Changes api

Changes API

Subscribe to real-time changes to the business database. Target specific types of changes to a custom firmographic. Or, listen to all transactions within your universe of records.

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File delivery api

File Delivery API

Automate the detection and download of scheduled file deliveries. Retrieve detailed information on file locations, sizes, and time of delivery.

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