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Data Axle APIs provide access to millions of business records in real-time.

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The Search API allows you to find relevant listings and details about known listings in the Infogroup Business Database. Receive real-time results using the flexible and intuitive search and filtering tools of Data Axle.

  • Find nearby businesses using geo-centric search
  • Use text search to find businesses with a fuzzy match across fields such as name, address & phone
  • Customize results using parameters including scoring, sorting, limits, and more
  • Choose which attributes and insights to return


Submit user feedback with the Submission API. Submissions are routed to an appropriate prioritized verification queue and reviewed by Infogroup’s data specialists.

  • Flag records as incorrect
  • Provide suggested corrections
  • Recommend new Places
  • Receive submission results in real-time


Subscribe to Infogroup’s business data in real-time using the Subscription APIs. Subscriptions can be customized to meet your business needs.

  • Drill down to the data you care about
  • Subscribe to relevant events across hundreds of attributes
  • Choose from a stream of updates using Data Axle’s Changes API or rolled-up File Deliveries
  • Select an update frequency from real-time to monthly