Big data platform providing real time business data.

Our Technologies

Data Axle is a cloud-based platform build on fast, scalable, open-source technologies that offers real-time business data on demand. Through our intuitive user interface and custom delivery options, we provide tailored solutions enabling maximum flexibility in the way you work with business data.

Data Axle is a product of Infogroup, a big data, analytics and marketing services provider that delivers best in class data-driven customer-centric technology solutions.

Learn more about our product offerings at data-axle.com/docs.

Our Process

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Our Results


Customers, Sales and Account Managers and Technology Specialists all using Data Axle Tech.

record database

Including Confirmed in Business and Confirmed Out of Business, Spanning the US, US Territories, and Canada.


Core Information, URLs, Contacts, Corporate Structure, Business Size, Hours, Payment Types and more...